Writers / Artists: Nat Gertler

Cartoon Loonacy #041


Some of this issue's contents: a couple of pages of Gene Deitch drawings (from the Record Changer, I think), Scott Saavedra's story of meeting Jack Kirby, a reprinting of the George Erling / Craig Yoe jam cover to Cartoon Loonacy #4, a fold-out with a Bill Holman "Smokey Stover" strip on one side and a Gene Ahern "Squirrel Cage" on the other, Brian Buniak's "How Not to Write Elfquest: New Blood", Buniak's three-page article on the film "Jack the Giant Killer", Buniak's fold-out poster of Bernie Goetz (!).

Characters appearing in art and comics include: Laurel and Hardy, Rocko's Modern Life, Nancy Ritz, Little Lulu, cast of Beverly Hills 90210, Ted Kennedy, Bart Simpson.

Fewer than 50 copies usually printed (probably more like 25).