Collector's Chronicle, The #4

Page Count (including covers in most cases)

Contents include: "James Bond Code 007" feature article with plenty of photos by Folo Watkins; "The Masque of Broom Hilda" interview with cartoonist Russell Myers by Lund; "UFO's & Aliens: Fact or Fiction" article by Richard G Balaam; "Reminiscences" column by Andrew J Offutt; "Fan Scope" interview of Raymond Miller by Lund; "The Ghastly Business of Dick Tracy's Villains" article by Shel Dorf; "Mole Man: Mad or Mistreated?" by Neal S Pozner; "Rachel Welch. The Cinema, Nudity & Sex: Dirty Words?" article by Gerry Clifford; poetry by Lund and Balaam; "What Gives?" column with fanzine plugs and comments by Lund; Ad for San Diego's Golden State Comic Con 1971; Letters from John McLaughlin, Andrew Offutt, Neal Pozner; Ad for Fantagor 1 with Richard Corben's Kansas City, Missouri address.

32 pages, offset, wraparound cover.

Publisher Will Lund notes: "Richard G. Balaam was a collective pseudonym used by a few fans involved with Comic Con at that time. I don't recall who wrote what, and sometimes it was more than one writer."

Special thanks to Aaron Caplan for the detailed info on contents and contributors.

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