Writers / Artists: Ian Culbard

Cartoon Loonacy #071


Contents include Brian Buniak's 46-page "Beneath the Planet of Apricot and Babette" with an astounding number of guest-stars (some of which are listed below).

Characters appearing in art and comics include: Ozzy Osbourne, a Bettie Page/Nancy mash-up, Morty the Dog, Howie the Hat, Fred the Clown, John McEnroe, Ned Flanders, Marge Simpson, Montgomery Burns, Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, John Wayne, Captain Jack, Clint Eastwood, Dr. Radium, Bettie Page, Skinned-Alive Boy, Doctor Sputnik, Nancy, Thunderbunny, Superswine, Splash Brannigan, Mighty Mouse, Bruce Willis, Russell Crowe

Fewer than 50 copies usually printed (probably more like 25).

Centrail Mailer for this issue: Brian Buniak