Writers / Artists: Ron Fradkin

Rocket’s Blast Comicollector / RBCC #030


Ditto issue.  (1 page blank.)


Editorial features include:

Cover by Buddy Saunders.  Notice by GB Love to attend Bernie Bubnis' Comic Fan Convention in July.  "ROCKETEER GOSSIP" by Rick Weingroff.  Newsboy Legion & Guardian Pin-up by Don Fowler (aka Buddy Saunders).  "SPOTLIGHT ON THE PROS: #4 - Marvel and Gold Key" Bernie Bubnis and Ron Fradkin visit with Flo Steinberg at Marvel, and Bill Harris at Gold Key.   "Air Fighters Comics" tracing by Raymond L Miller.  ”THE BEST OF S-F" — Bob Harner 3rd reviews ”President Fu Manchu" by Sax Rohmer.   "Capt. Marvel - Has He Returned From Limbo?" article by Buddy Saunders.  "PROFESSIONAL PONDERINGS" by Bubnis.   "The 1963 Alley Tally" report by Ronn Foss.  "ON THE DRAWING BOARD" — latest news courtesy of The Comic Reader.   "Capt America, The Greatest Original Revival of All-Time" by Ronn Foss.   "THE DEALER AND THE COLLECTOR" by Phil Seuling.  "The Twister" pin-up by Biljo White.  Open letter of thanks from Ronn Foss.   “BLASTS FROM THE READERS” includes LOCs from Jerry Bails, Larry Herndon, Andrew Fraknoi, Ed Lahmann and Paul Thompson Jr.


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