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Comic Crusader #03

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Page Count (including covers in most cases)

Contents include: Stan Lee's speech at the 1968 SCARP comic con (Comic Art Convention) with photo; con report (with photos of Wally Wood, Gil Kane, Will Eisner, Tom Fagan, Al Williamson, Leonard Starr, Lee Falk); Cosgrove's version of "The Conventioneers"; "The First Inhumans" (part 3 of in a series about funny animal comics); Q&A with Rich Buckler; a visual rundown of Hawkman's headgear over the years; "Mongo's Forest Kingdom" (Flash Gordon); "The Second Time Around" (Marvel's Golden Age hero revivals); a bit on The Wizard of Id; a bit on Golden Age hero Shock Gibson; Iron Man/Barbarella/Captain Marvel Jr. cosplay (costume contest); letters from Jim Steranko, Steve Ditko and others; two-page Defender ama-hero strip by Greim; more.

Characters in fan art include: Captain Marvel (Marvel/DC), Deadman, Mister Spock, Triton, Mighty Atom, Firefly, Bee-29, Atomic Mouse, Atomic Rabbit, Atomic Fox, Super Goof, Super Turtle, Sir Rodney, Captain Marvel Jr., Black Knight, Dr. Strange, Vision, Superkatt, Sub-Mariner, Human Torch

Offset/ditto, ditto pages are one-sided, side-stapled.

Two printings?

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